Monday, August 22, 2011

Twinkies!!!! - Awareness Week Blog by Sarah McFeggan

There are A LOT of foods/drinks that I miss since I developed GP. I
went from eating and drinking whatever I wanted to the following: Boost,
milkshakes, peanut butter, cottage cheese, chicken noodle soup, white
breads, plain pasta, Kraft mac n cheese, Activia, milk, soy milk,
Propel, ice cream, animal crackers, eggs (sometimes), chicken/turkey
slices (sometimes), cheese, and Twinkies. Yes, Twinkies. I can't
tolerate fruits and most vegetables but I can tolerate Twinkies.
Craziness! I have to say that my friends and family are really good
about asking me where I can and what I can eat. They used to feel badly
eating in front of me but I told them not to worry and that I am used to
it now. Which is sad, but true. And I don't really crave what they are
eating- most of the time that is. I try to not let it get to me or get
me down but sometimes it's hard. For example, going to the Taste of
Madison was NOT a good idea. Being surrounded by hundreds of food
vendors and watching thousands of people eat food that I could not was
just a tad depressing to say the least. I was able to eat some of a
pretzel and some vanilla ice cream though (trying to see the positives).
Not being able to socialize and celebrate with food and drinks is hard.
Especially when I'm thinking of re-entering the dating world (Yikes!).
Eating mac n cheese on the first date does not sound very attractive to
me! Although, if he ate it too it would be okay. At least I am a cheap
date. :) GP has also impacted my joy of traveling. I love to travel
but it's harder now. I'm constantly thinking about if and when I can
have my mini-meal or if I can eat at certain places. I have to make
sure I pack what I can eat or go shopping when I get to my destination.
And my energy isn't the same as it used to be due to my diet, or if I
eat the wrong thing I'm not able to eat or drink like I should because
I'm bloated and in pain. I wish there was a cure for GP and the other
digestive/intestinal conditions that people live with. As with much in
life, it isn't fair. And not being able to eat chocolate is just plain
wrong and unconstitutional!!
PS- Twinkies taste really good when they are frozen. ;)

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