Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Have A Dream - Awareness Week Blog by Kimberly Parker

I have this re-curring dream about gastroparesis. That doctors figured out a
cure, that the cause of it is just a a little virus. Like the common cold or
the stomach flu since they post have similar symptoms like pain, nausea,
vomiting,inability to eat or smell foods. And then by resting, drinking a
ton of orange juice and taking a few pills, it will all be over. After
following the doctors orders I will go to bed sick, but then I will wake up
the next morning to the smell of bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs with a ton
of cheese, syrup and butter poured over it all. I will then make my way to
the kitchen, grab myself the biggest plate and fork, sit down to eat....and
then I wake up, the dream is over.

Ohh how I wish that one day I can finish the dream and then wake up and
fulfill my dreams.

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