Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Life Changing Diagnosis - Awareness Week Blog by Megan Herndon

Gastroparesis is a life changing diagnosis. It can be heart breaking and can
take a lot of patients into a state depression. Food seems to be the subject of
every party, but for GPers just having a good time is the main focus. We can
learn to live a life not just based on food. Gpers can not drown their sorrows
into a big pint of ice cream or pig out on Thanksgiving. We have to be gentle
with out stomachs because we know how gentle and fragile they are. I have a new
found appreciation for food. If I go out to eat at a restaurant and someone
complains about their chicken being a little dry I just get irritated, because
to me the chicken was divine because it is one of the foods my stomach can
handle. Gastroparesis has changed all of our lives; we have bad and good days,
but I know that for each of us our whole perspective on food and life has
changed for the better. We have learned to handle stress better and we have
learned what an importance good friends and family are. It may be frustrating to
have GP but there is a reason each and every one of us has it and it might be so
we can make a huge difference in someone else's life. I hope we can still
encourage and uplift fellow GPers to stay strong and keep fighting because we
are all in this battle together. Just because all our symptoms or food
tolerances might be different we are still fighting together to find a cure or
treatment for Gastroparesis.

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