Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I love G-PACT and what continues to drive me

I get overwhelmed sometimes with how big G-PACT is. There is always so much to do! Sometimes I wonder if I can keep doing it at this level, especially as my health seems to be deteriorating in so many ways. This week I have been blessed. I have seen how much it is needed and how much people want to contribute to our success and help us out. You guys rock! We have over 20 fabulous "official" vols (been through application process, vote on issues, contribute to ideas and growth, on the "inside" of projects, help with direction of the organization, and planning), but so many "non-official" volunteers keep asking to contribute to short-term projects to help us out too. I feel so much less pressure now than a few days ago!

You know what's really cool? When I realize that we are the resource for people across the world, not just the US. So many have requested branches in the UK, Canada, Australia & other international areas. The founders had no idea it would ever reach out so far! Although we can't possibly take on other countries at this time because the US is big enough, we hope our efforts here will impact other countries and that eventually branches of G-PACT or other DTP organizations will pop up internationally.

I really miss our former VP and a co-founder, Veronica Pennington, who was like a sister to me and passed in 2006. I wish she could see how far we have come. She poured her heart into G-PACT for her son, Nicholas, who developed GP on his first birthday after a Nissen Fundoplication. I fight for G-PACT, in large part, on behalf of Veronica. I know she would never stop fighting for G-PACT regardless of how overwhelming or challenging it can become.

So many have come together without knowing each other to pull G-PACT off. This is all because of one common connection. Some of us have never even met in person, but have been working together for years. It's just really cool. When I get overwhelmed, I just think about that and it drives me to keep fighting when our efforts so often just seem to hit brick walls and glass ceilings.

The team really does have a heart for u guys. We couldn't do this otherwise. Always remember that! There is no monetary pay in what we do and we get no kickbacks. The rewards of helping you all and the stories we hear is better than any of that. G-PACT FTC!

Thank YOU for giving back to us and allowing us into your lives to help in any way we can. We realize this is a tough battle. A cure is a ways off, better treatment options are slow, but it is our goal that we can make life with DTP easier and more manageable for everyone affected through our work until the cure is discovered.

Love and thanks,