Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book Mark Espionage

For those of you who are going to find yourself in a waiting room this week we've got an awareness idea you can take along with you. By now, most of us know the ins and outs of doctors offices, hospitals, radiology centers and other places where you have to sit and wait. Newer patients may not know to bring something to do along with them, or maybe a patient is an old hat and just forgot their chosen entertainment at home. Whatever the case may be, boredom is at an all time high in a waiting room. So, this is what we want you to do:

1) a book you have read and do not mind parting with
2) a bookmark with G-PACT's info on it (a template can be found here: Bookmarks or at the bottom of the post. Formating is strange but when printed all bookmarks will have the G-PACT logo)
3) a post it note saying something along the lines of "I enjoyed this book and wanted to pass it along. When you are done keep the chain going and leave it for someone else. Courtesy of"
4) Mission Impossibe theme song *

Place the bookmark in the book, the post it note on the book's cover and then place it on a table in a waiting room, or in a coffee shop if you are lucky enough not to be at the doctor's this week!

*Mission Impossibe theme song optional, but highly recommend. :)

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