Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tummy Troubles by Guest Blogger Maureen Ray

Gastroparesis: what is this they ask? It’s when my tummy doesn’t process the food I eat and it causes pain and bloating I look like I am 6 months pregnant but I am not. You ask me why don’t you look like you don’t eat? Well since the food stays in my tummy, it causes me to be overweight then I go through periods of weight loss.  It is a rollercoaster!

Three years ago I finally found out what was wrong with me for years.  I have suffered from constipation and getting full quickly. I thought I ate too fast and always had to use laxatives to go and no one ever questioned my problems. Then I turned 50 years old and they did the colonoscopy and found Gastroparesis.  I finally found out where the fullness, nausea, and constipation came from – they were a part of this awful disease. I used to eat salads( my favorite) and  lots of fresh vegetables.  Now I can’t have any and it is indescribable how my body craves the vegetables and fruits.  When I am at family gatherings and someone makes fresh salad, or chocolate dipped Strawberries , which by the way are sinful and delicious, I have to pass them up. Everyone ask me why I am not trying them and I have to try to explain that they are not good for me. Wow, they are amazed that something that you are supposed to eat to be healthy is not in my diet.  Potatoes and lean meat are the things that I have to eat, no fresh oranges or tomatoes.  Family members think if I would just try to eat healthier I would feel better.  Oh how I wish they were right.

Family and friends need to educate themselves about this disease.  We need support, not constant nagging about eating better. A medication needs to be approved so that our standard of life will be more than what we have now. Tummy troubles never stop but I shall keep on praying for that miracle cure of Gastroparesis.

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