Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rare Disease Day 2012

I'm a day early posting this, but there is a reason. I want everyone to get a chance to take part in the activities and posting early will remind everyone of the things they can do to spread awareness.

The Rare Disease Day web page is asking people to upload their photos and share their story. You can do this by following this link: Tell Your Story . People from around the world are sharing their stories and spreading awareness!

Are you on Facebook? Good! G-PACT is asking everyone to change their profile picture to spread awareness of the rare diseases that can cause DTP. Here are a few pictures you can use. Just right click on them, select "save picture," and then upload it as your profile picture on Facebook!  If you are creative, make your own. I bet one of your friends wouldn't mind borrowing it.

Have you written your congressmen yet? G-PACT has written a letter you can download and send as is, or add your story to it before sticking it in the mail. The document can be found by following this link: Write Your Reps! The document includes the names and addresses of the representatives to make the process just a little bit more convenient.

And last, but not least,  if you blog we'd love it if you would write a post for Rare Disease Day. Share your story, make a collage of pictures that show what your life is like, whip up a video (OneTrueMedia is a good website to make one!), write a poem, or post a Wordless Wednesday photo that says it all. Then share the link on G-PACT's Facebook Fan Page.

Have any other suggestions of things to do? Leave a comment and we'll share them!

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