Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Letter to My Cells

I thought I'd post something I had published on my personal blog a couple years ago when I was frustrated with how things were going. I felt writing a letter to my body was the best way of expressing my feelings. I still do.

Originally published Tuesday, July 7, 2009 on "The Road I'm On"

Dear Body, Lets Be Nice to Each Other

Dear Body,

For the last 27.27 years we've been living together. From the first cell division until now we have never been separated. You were there when Cassie tried to end our relationship by feeding us French toast that fateful day oh so long ago. You where there when I was catching toads in the yard in Friend, and that day I tried to rescue a bee out of the kiddy pool in Crete. Sorry about that, by the way, I didn't realize it would sting you.

Remember our first baseball game? I bet you were thankful I had that helmet on when it started to hail. Who knew my first time at bat would cause the sky to fall?

Now that we are older I think it is time to talk about our relationship. You seem to take joy in finding ways to make life complicated. First it was my immune system. You had to teach it that pollen was a bad thing. Didn't you know that pollen was just the plant version of sperm, like the little guy who donated half our DNA? Its a good thing. All those plants you see out there were created, in part, by pollen. How can that be a bad thing? They are so beautiful. Then you had to go teach my lungs that trying to strangle me was fun. I really could have done without that. Now you've taught my stomach and intestines that it is okay to take the day off. Don't you realize that this creates a fundamental problem for you? That little hexose, you know, the one the glucose transporters use to give energy to all your cells comes from the digestive tract. It is derived from food.

I know that I can be rough on you, asking you to do things like get up at 5am when you are still trying to create dreams. I push you to run 4 miles on tired legs, go on bike rides when you rather be sitting on the couch relaxing after a long day, and force you to flop around in a pool of cold water. I know deep down you know that you were made for these types of things. Why else would you be so good at it?

How about we call it a truce? I stop pushing you so hard, and you start teaching your components that they can stop being so fickle? Now, I'm not saying I won't push you, but maybe I'll be a little less intense? I'll take an extra day off here and there, and give you a little more TLC now and then? I know you enjoy a good long hot shower, that is when we have hot water.


p.s This doesn't mean we won't be sitting in the ice bath tomorrow night after speed training. You know your quads and hamstrings really need it.

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