Monday, October 15, 2012

If only you knew...

By: Carissa Haston
G-PACT President

I wish that you knew
The pain that I feel
And how much it hurts
This is all so unreal

The loss of so many
Yet so few who care
In spite of the efforts
To make them aware

The hunger and pain
The loss of close friends
The tears that just flow
It all never ends

This illness is silent
It can't be seen
Yet it won't relent
no one hears our screams

All we do us fight
And we try so hard
There is no end in sight
And you think it's not true

"Change your diet a bit
Quit whining, you're stressed
Get out of that pit
You're just depressed"

Do you really know
How hard we try?
For a sloppy Joe
Or one bite of French fry?

But the hours we endure
All curled up in beds
Longing for a cure
Wish it WAS in our heads!

It's just so tough
You don't understand!
Waking up each day
"Can I do this AGAIN?"

I'll try one more bite
It can't be THAT bad
This time it just might
Digest just a tad

Then the pain, it hits!
It's so hard to deal
a moment of pleasure
And for days we just reel

And people they die
Our friends leave us out
They think we are fake
"You just want to pout!"

Have you had the flu?
This is worse than that
Is that real to you?
This is horribly true!

Of course I look good
I was up all night
Just throwing up food
Does that really seem right?

I long for an answer
I believe in a cure
I will never give up
Will you carry me through?

I need your support
Hold on to me tight
It's incredibly tough
To get through this fight

If you spend time with me
I know that you'll see
I'm one tough kid
Who will fight to the end!

You will see how I cope
That I'm working so hard
I have so much hope
And I'm nowhere near weak!


  1. I just discovered this website and saw this. This is amazing and it couldn't be more spot on. Keep up the good work, great writing, and the best of luck with the rough GI life.

  2. Going to share this with my family. Love this.