Monday, September 24, 2012

Gastroparesis (GP)

I'll define Gastroparesis,
so more people will know.
It's where a stomach is paralyzed
or it empties too slow.

Some food comes up often,
with nausea and pain.
Some stomachs get bigger,
with food it retains.

Stomachs rock and roll
in people with GP,
Its like a ship tossed about
on a wild, stormy sea.

Often Gastroparesis
is not understood,
Those with the symptoms
would stop if they could.

Some doctors do know
when patients are ill.
Others do not believe
when symptoms are real.

They need to be educated,
to order the right tests.
They need to find treatments,
that would help best.

The devastation of GP
is so hard to endure,
More research is needed
so they'll find a cure.

by: Meggy's Grandma
Megan Kondilas is a patient with GP, moderator of G-PACT's Gutsy Teen Lounge, and volunteers for G-PACT in other ways

Please pass this on, so others can read :)

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