Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attack of the spaghetti sauce!

So, have you ever been too tired to walk around the store and shop and borrowed one of those store electric scooters/shopping carts? The things were horribly made for the store. They are too wide for the aisles, and impossible to steer very clearly. They beep loudly announcing to the entire customer population that you are in reverse. They can never go the right speed...either too fast or too slow. Then, when you find the item you need, you can't pull up close enough to reach it without having to get up each time and get it.

I don't consider myself to be a bad driver, but I certainly don't do well with these electric carts! I frequently bump into things, knock things over, run into people, and get myself stuck in the most random places and have to maneuver my way out of unusual situations.

My most memorable experience took place not long after my transplant. I was still pretty high on steroids and confused. My coordination wasn't quite right, and I wasn't very well focused. I was at Giant (our local grocery store) and managing ok, so I thought, driving the nice red shopping cart. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Suddenly I rounded the corner and the next thing I knew I heard crashing and was covered in spaghetti sauce and glass jars were laying all over the floor. Customers around me came running to make sure I wasn't injured and help clean me off as much as they could. I was quite traumatized!

Once I was cleaned up and everyone was sure I hadn't been harmed in any way during the spaghetti jar attack, I sheepishly went on my way, heard the call for help cleaning up aisle 7, and completed my shopping incident free, although I smelled a bit saucy.

Needless to say, I have not since seen a display of breakable items sitting on the corners of aisles in that store anymore...nice to have contributed to new policies for a major store chain!


  1. "smelled a bit saucy" hahahahahahaha!
    I had a wheelchair, not a scooter. Now, I don't really go shopping anymore. If I did, rolling walker with seat, or travel wheelchair and I have to be pushed, which is fine because seizures have made it unsafe for me to drive anymore, so the driver can steer me around!

  2. My driver in my manual wheelchair (my mom) tends to run me into things anyway! I've had a few bruised toes over the years!